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Customer retention and satisfaction have always been a priority for Mensi, who invest a great deal of resources and energy into those services that allow to fully use the machines from the installation onwards.

Besides the Programmed Assistance agreed with the client, Mensi guarantees prompt intervention and trouble shooting by means of the so called Tele-service, that consists in a remote service by which Mensi (remote user) is able to supervision from a distance the machine of the client (host) over the telephone line.

Troubleshooting and tests are carried out on the machine logic analysis, on all its parameters and on the program of piece machining that is currently running. The following step consists in sending corrections and software updates if needed.

Our Customer Support Team provides advice and technical support of any kind, including the prompt dispatch of skilled technicians to the customer’s premises whenever needed.

Our customers, and in this particular instance the technicians and the machine operators, have expressed appreciation and satisfaction for the Training Course that we provide at our premises, where the staff is trained and instructed as to the way the new purchased equipment functions and as to how to operate it correctly. Good training allows for smooth and trouble free start-up of the machines as well as high production quality even from the early stages.

Our Commercial Back-up presents itself as an immediate support to our customers and offers new solutions for industrialization and automation of the production process. Such support is based on a long-term, consolidated highly technical training, design skills and planning expertise.

The After-Sales Team provides timely and satisfying technical consultancy advice, thus proving the special care and attention that Mensi gives to this service.